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Family of 5 
from Gabon, Hong Kong and the UK   

Living in Impfondo,   
Republic of Congo   
Since April 2012 

Blog by Joyce the mum, 
Homeschooling novice, 
Eye Charity founding doctor / director. 
Reluctant domestic goddess 

Passionate about sashimi, 
helping people see 
physically and spiritually,   
and Jesus   


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P.S. This is the personal blog of the Samoutou family  
(Views our own)  
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Samoutou Family Health and Travel Update (8 June 14)
June 8, 2014

Up until a week ago, we were all getting sad to leave the UK and excited to fly back to Congo today.  However, due to some very unexpected problems with Joyce’s health, we had to follow the hospital specialists’ advice and remain in the UK for another 6 weeks.  We will have another hospital appointment in about a month and if no further complications arise, then we will be released to fly back to Congo on 14 July.  If you would like to pray for us, please pray:

  1. For healing for Joyce.  There is no need for worry.  The nature of her illness is not a secret (nor is it embarrassing!), but we just don’t want to post such personal details on the web!
  2. For Ghislain, the nurse who is holding our eye service on his own in Congo and for our patients
  3. For us as we profit from this bonus time to tend to several other important needs of the project
  4. For the children and for their educational needs.  Ezra started crying when we told him of the delay in return because he ‘wants us to go back to Congo to help people.’  Just the day be before, he was crying because he didn’t want to say goodbye to his grandparents and family
  5. For more people to join us in our team in Congo.  Our need for help is bigger than ever before.  If you are interested, why don’t you talk to us?  You have nothing to lose just by enquiring!
  6. Thank God with us that Joyce’s illness happened in civlisation!  Thank God that He takes care of us wherever we are and wherever we go. Thank God for His perfect time in everything!  Thank God that He works all things together for our good!

Thank you for your support and prayers for our family and for New Sight!

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