How we help


Our work is 3-fold:


1. Prevention and Cure:


4 in 5 people in the world who are blind are needlessly because their causes of blindness are either preventable or treatableWe are setting up an eye centre of excellence primarily to help prevent and reverse these causes of blindness.  By helping people to see, the quality of daily living will drastically improve not only for them, but also for their families and wider communities.  The WHO estimates that 37% with low vision and 18% with blindness in the world are younger than 50 years' old.  



2. Helping the Blind:


We are committed to helping those with irreversible blindness to live with their disability.  Being blind is a hard thing, but being blind in a developing country is infinitely harder.  Throgh rehabilitation, we seek to empower the blind to live as independently as possible.  We act as advocates for the blind in the society.



3. Training and Education:


We seek to provide eye education to the community.  For example, many who are blind from cataracts simply do not know that they can be cured through an operation.  Another example is hygiene education which is paramount to trachoma, another common cause of blindness in the tropics.

Immediately, we need to train supportive staff.  In the long run, Henri will also pass the surgical skills on by training others.