New Sight Board of Trustees

 On the Board of Trustees are Joyce and Henri as well as the following AMAZING people!

To view our UK Board of Trustees' Report and accounts for the year ending Apr 2014, please click here. 


Linda Adam: 

I am privileged to work as a Teaching Assistant in a wonderful primary school in Yorkshire.  I love to see the kids grow, not only in height but in knowledge and maturity.  It is a delight (and a huge pull on my heartstrings) when they leave at the end of Year 6 on an amazing adventure into their future.  This is their right and 'the norm' for children in the UK.  Imagine if that were not the case!!

For some people in the Republic of Congo, this is far from 'the norm'.  Joyce and Henri have decided to use their God-given skills in medicine to make a huge difference in that country, bringing sight and hope to thousands who will travel for days to their clinic for a life-changing eye operation.  I LOVE THAT!!  I am honoured to be on their Board of Trustees.>

Safi Newton: 

Safi is Assistant Pastor with her husband Ed Newton at Hope City Church, Leeds. The couple lives in West Yorkshire with their son. Safi also works for a private fostering agency as a senior supervising social worker supporting foster carers in Yorkshire, helping them to offer stability and a brighter future to children who cannot live with their birth families. Safi loves working with children and enjoys overseeing a lot of the children's work at her churchSafi loves people and she can often be found chatting to friends, old and new, or having guests round for food and laughter!
Safi says, 'I think that the Samoutou family is amazing! Joyce and Henri are an example in their faith and actions to all of us. Their entire family truly understands how for one ‘to be blessed, be a blessing'.  They are a blessing to so many. I am thrilled and honoured to be a trustee for such a wonderful, life changing charity.'  


Chris Denham:

Chris is the Congregation Pastor of Hope City Church, Leeds, a husband to his beautiful wife Gosia and a dad to two amazing kids, Joel & Ania. He is also passionate about seeing people get hold of the truth about Jesus and realise what that REALLY means for themselves - but be prepared for a few nerdy-thoughts along the way!

He says, <It is such a privilege to have known Joyce and Henri for the last few years as their Pastor and also to now be part of helping support them on this great adventure. The need in Congo is paramount but Joyce and Henri have the skills and gifting to make a huge difference which is why New Sight will literally change hundreds, even thousands of lives over the next few years. It's an honour to be involved and I hope many others will do the same.>



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