Visit Us in Congo
Often people think that to come help us, they must be medical professionals.  Far be from it!  We are in desperate need for help with

- Administration
- Construction
- Maintenance
- IT
- Logistics
- Finance
- Medical, nursing and allied health
- Child care and Education

Basically, if you have a willing heart, then please get in touch!

This is what Gillian Norbert-Tikun, a veterinarian said of her time here,

12 June - 1 July 2012
HKG -> CDG -> BZV -> ION
While strolling around the campus in my first week in Edinburgh, I looked up and said,' God, if You are real, thank You for bringing me here. God, if You are real, I want to know more about You...' I met Joyce Wong that very evening, the crazy Joyce Wong that's crazily in love with Jesus and people around her. 16 years later, flying out from Hong Kong, I came to visit the still crazy (if not crazier) but now Joyce Samoutou-Wong and Henri Samoutou (the shining husband, father, eye surgeon, giver and man of God), and their 3 most beautiful children, Cherissa (whose pure heart breaks for the poor children in the pygmy village on her birthday), Erza (whose rhythmic percussion and beatboxing always come with the most heart-melting smile) and little Karis (whose cutest voice reaches heaven while saying grace and shouting out her own Jesus songs). Every morning I woke up with a great purpose and anticipation of another fruitful day. Every night I went to bed with gratefulness and humility that in Christ there would always be enough.
It feels like home and reliving my childhood, with the smell of mimosa, twigs, morning dews and tropical rain.
It feels like heaven, with the daily sacrifice of praise orchestrated from the constant rejoicing, thanksgiving, children's laughters and singing.
Thank you, Joyce, Henri, Cherissa, Ezra and Karis, for having me, loving me and teaching me to stop for everyone and to see Jesus in every soul. Missing you all.
p/s: Every now and then I am also missing the Mr. Men and Little Miss bedsheet and also the spiders in my bedroom, but not so much the centipede and termites :p '