Other Countries' Donations



If you are interested in giving to us in countries other than the UK, USA, Canada and Hong Kong,

please donate through PayPal or contact us to make an electronic international bank transfer.


I. To donate through PayPal, please click here.

Please enter the amount in British pound equivalent to the amount of your currency. 

Please click here for a currency conversion tool.

We will pay the administrative fees for currency conversion (Special Paypal Charity rate between 1.4 -2.9% depending on the part of the world)


II. To make an electronic international bank transfer from your bank to our bank in the UK, please email us : info@samoutou.com

As receipients,

For donations below £100,  we pay  £1 flat administrative charge for each donation.

For donations above £100, we pay £7 flat administrative charge for each donation.

However, there will probably be charges from your bank. This can vary greatly and can be very expensive.  Please kindly check with your bank and see how its charges compare with paypal which charges 5%.  You can give in your own currency via both methods.


Thank you again.