The Samoutous - a bit about us



 Joyce 宋黃凱欣, Henri 宋安理 和他們的孩子 Cherissa 曉恩 (8歲), Ezra 耘恩 (5歲), 以及 Karis 皿恩 (3 歲)



這個眼科項目最初由基督教救盲會(Christian Blind Mission)資助,後慢慢壯大,如今已能自給自足,其美譽也傳播到了非洲其他國家。

我們希望在剛果北部因普豐多著名的先鋒基督教醫院(Pioneer Christian Hospital)創辦剛果第一家能進行手術的眼科中心,相信憑著過往的經驗,我們可以做到。


-       Joyce is originally from Hong Kong.  She trained in Edinburgh and is a general practitioner with post-graduate degrees in family medicine, tropical medicine, obstetrics & gynaecology

-       Henri is originally from Gabon.  He is a superior ophthalmic technician with cataract surgical skills

-       We are both fluent in French and English.  Joyce is also fluent in Chinese.  We are learning Lingala

-       We served in a missionary hospital in Gabon from 2006 – 08

-       Henri was the director for the eye project in Gabon that was funded by Christian Blind Mission.  He successfully performed thousands of consultations as well as over 1500 cataract operations. The Eye clinic continues to thrive as a busy and self-sufficient centre of excellence.

-       Joyce taught nurses and students as well as worked in the medicine, paediatrics and maternity units 

-       We returned to the UK for Joyce to give birth due to past obstetric problems in August 2008.  We have been eagerly awaiting our return to Africa ever since

-       We have 3 children.  Cherissa aged 8, Ezra aged 5, and Karis aged 3

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