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Republic of Congo   
Since April 2012 

Blog by Joyce the mum, 
Homeschooling novice, 
Eye Charity founding doctor / director. 
Reluctant domestic goddess 

Passionate about sashimi, 
helping people see 
physically and spiritually,   
and Jesus   


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Speak up (Lesson 2 from India)
February 27, 2013

At the eye health conference in India, we had to go through security every day at the venue.  I have never experienced any conference like that.  I found a lot of the CEOs, renowned academics and award-winning doctors rather intimidating. 


At a breakfast meeting, one of the world famous experts, whom we had (and still have) great admiration for, gave a talk on how to choose which charity to support.  Henri and I shifted uncomfortably as it soon became clear that our project was a shining example of what not to invest in – uncooperative bureaucracy, language barriers, logistics difficulties etc., Throughout the conference, we were told time and again by experts after experts that we had ‘picked the wrong country’ because it was too hard.  We live in a world where we, including donors, want fast results and value-for-money.  Because of that pressure, the people who live in the world’s hardest to reach, to work with and to ‘crack’ places are at risk of being neglected.  But in Jesus, there is no ‘wrong country’.  He never forgets anyone.  In fact, He has an affinity for the ones that the world would rather forget and ignore.   


We felt God tugging at our hearts:  Stand up and be a voice for the ‘orphaned countries’.  Speak up for the Right to Sight.  Say, ‘How can we say that because it will cost more money, time and efforts, that a person cannot have his sight?’ 


Psalm 82:3-4 ‘Defend the cause of the weak and fatherless, maintain the rights of the poor and oppressed.’ 


Henri said that I should speak because my English was better.  But I was scared.  They all speak so eloquently.  They all have training, experience and titles under their belt.  Who am I?  Just a girl with hardly any experience from a tiny unknown charity.  The truth is that I don’t like to stand out.  I am scared of what other people will think – I am scared that people will think that I am not good enough, or if they think that I am good enough, I am scared that they will think that I am proud. 


Then God reminded me – it is not about me, it is about those in need.


So I went to the microphone.  With my feet shaking, my palms sweating and my heart racing, I spoke up. 


I am still petrified but I know that I am finding my voice.


My mother always taught me that if I have nothing to say, then say nothing.


Well, it needs to be said, and I am saying it.  Come on, let’s speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves – in words and in action.


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