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»   Our newsletter is out! Chinese and English versions available!

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»   Thank you MinorMynas!

This Christmas, give your children the opportunity to exercise their entrepreneurial and do… {view link}

»   We are looking for more volunteers for our Sending Party / Family Fun Day. It will be a meaningful way to spend a… {view link}

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»   RT @_HeatherBach: #Children need empathy, creativity and our action...why look down when we can all look up. Such a powerful talk from Dr J…

»   Ready or not, here we go! #lookingup #showingup #kidspower #twofrontteeth #TEDxtinhauwomen {view link}

»   Getting ready for TEDx! Feeling so spoilt and looked after by TEDxtinhauwomen {view link}

»   Following the successful establishment of our first non-profit eye centre in the Republic of Congo, at the invitati… {view link}

»   Please get in touch! if you can
a) Bring baked goods
b) Volunteer
c) Come eat cake and be happy
d) All of the ab… {view link}

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