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»   Did you know that 35-50% of blind people can see again after a one off cataract surgery? Two weeks ago, they were b… {view link}

»   Just arrived and both @jdunys and Ruth have gotten straight to work so that Joyce and Henri can crack on with their… {view link}

»   They made it! But none of their bags did! Not yet anyway! So sad and sorry that this happened but they have now q… {view link}

»   Super proud of Ghislain, the very first nurse we trained at our eye centre at pioneerchristianhospital . He has su… {view link}

»   They’ve done it! They have packed up their home, said their painful goodbyes, and left UK soil with a one-way tick… {view link}

»   We didn’t plan for it. We didn’t see it coming. We still can’t quite believe it. But yes, the Samoutous are movi… {view link}

»   Engineering masterclass in the Congo jungle by visiting engineering professor / @newsightcongo pro bono project man… {view link}

»   Brainstorming to make the future Ouesso Hospital as sustainable and maintenance-friendly as possible. Exciting day… {view link}

»   #ouessopioneers are thrilled to extend a royal welcome to their newest members, pro bono site architect Jean-Pierre… {view link}

»   The New Sight Team is honoured to have a meeting again with Mme Jacqueline Lydia Mikolo, Minister of Health and Pop… {view link}

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