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»   Joyce is honoured to be a recipient of the Women of Hope Award 2017! She has sent a 1-minute video message all... {view link}

»   All the animals in the Samoutou farm were thank-you presents from grateful patients. Last week, Ramsay the Goat... {view link}

»   Hope you will enjoy our latest newsletter!

{view link} {view link}

»   Encouraging news from our neighbours!... {view link}

»   Patients tell us that stroking Ezra's hair makes them feel better and happier! {view link}

»   MASSIVE CONGRATS to the awesome Geyser Hahn Architects on winning an international A'Design Award for their... {view link}

»   A magical evening celebrating what we have been able to do together, and launching the super exciting New Sight... {view link}

»   This grateful patient tried to give his thank you gift to Joyce to hold with her bare hands. Cherissa promptly... {view link}

»   Today we say a sad goodbye to this gorgeous and intelligent Dr-to-be Sophie Kwok Kin Yee who has been visiting... {view link}

»   Oh no! Termite attack on clinic shoes overnight!
Oh yes! Cry the Samoutou ducklings! Termites for breakfast!... {view link}

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