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»   Big noisy shout-out today to the youngest members of the #ouessopioneers team - the fun-loving Targett kids who bri… {view link}

»   The #ouessopioneers were warmly welcomed by the local authorities and met with Mr Jean-Christiophe Tchicaya, Prefet… {view link}

»   Team A made it by road and joined Team B who made it by plane! The first bunch of #ouessopioneers is in OUESSO!!!!!… {view link}

»   Team B #ouessopioneers arrived safely in Ouesso and Team A is more than half way through, having made it past the w… {view link}

»   On thé plane #ouessopioneers {view link}

»   Medical student / Mary Poppins nataliechauuu arrived from Hong Kong just in time to join the #ouessopioneers to tra… {view link}

»   16.4.19 6:15am Team B #ouessopioneers are getting to fly to Ouesso and beat Team A who is travelling by road! What… {view link}

»   16.4.19 4:45am Team A #ouessopioneers has set off on the road. The first half of the road has a section that needs… {view link}

»   Big day today! And even bigger day tomorrow! Last chance getting and packing supplies and household items in the c… {view link}

»   Our superheroe supporter Selina Ko is running the Boston Marathon tomorrow for New Sight! She would appreciate pra… {view link}

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