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»   Listen to the story of Bernadette, whose eyes suffered from Glaucoma and Cataracts since she was young...... {view link}

»   Celebrating as we look back at how far we have come with your support! {view link}

»   Global blindness set to triple in the next four decades. "Even mild visual impairment can significantly impact a... {view link}

»   Guaranteed to brighten your Monday!

{view link} {view link}

»   Little Miss Brave #trauma #sweetheart {view link}

»   Father and Daughter contribution to New Sight: Off to the operating theatre! {view link}

»   Doctors from Médecin Sans frontier and the local hospitals spent a few days at our eye centre! Thankful for the... {view link}

»   Henri enjoying being able to sit back and watch our nurses do minor surgery without his help! #training #empower {view link}

»   Got questions about the upcoming move the Samoutou family and New Sight are making?... {view link}

»   {view link}

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