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»   The reality of New Sight's work is seeing people suffering from leprosy and other neglected tropical diseases, besi… {view link}

»   The crisis is over! Ebola was threatening in Democratic Republic of Congo, our neighbour across the river, and now… {view link}

»   "At heart, the education of our young people has to be a messy, emotional undertaking; it is, of course, about choi… {view link}

»   It's truly astounding what can be accomplished with willing hearts and hands! Thanks to the Target Corporation – TS… {view link}

»   Here are some photos from that amazing evening where with your help, we raised a whopping HK$10.1 million! We are… {view link}

»   Just one more sleep! For those of you who will be driving to Kerry Hotel Hong Kong, we are pleased to inform you th… {view link}

»   If you have been to a New Sight Congo 目養計劃 event before, please come and see for yourself all that we have been abl… {view link}

»   Last night, Joyce Samoutou-Wong was honoured to speak at the High Table Dinner of Wu Yee Sun College 伍宜孫書院 of... {view link}

»   Joyce was so excited to speak at “A Purposeful Lunch: The Art of Eating Humble Pie in the Congolese Jungle”... {view link}

»   Henri is off to the airport with our Project Manager Steve to Congo! He will be back at the end of the month.... {view link}

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