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»   Cherissa has written about Congo amidst the #COVID19 pandemic for The CAG Mag (Link in bio; page 8-9) - The Current… {view link}

»   Bonne fête des pères! ?????! Happy Fathers’ Day! #postop #nolongerblind #aftersurgery #newsightnewlife @ New Sight… {view link}

»   We’re thankful that the Catholic school is kindly letting us use a classroom for the nurse training course until Se… {view link}

»   Today is #empathyday. ‘We have one shot at life, and we have a choice to live it looking down or looking up.’

Fo… {view link}

»   The kids dressed up for #VEday. I asked Cherissa who she was and she told me that she was Dr Sofia Inoescu who volu… {view link}

»   “The war ended when people were able to articulate a #vision of the future, an #optimism about how things were goin… {view link}

»   Working with the COVID-19 Response Coordinator for the North of the country, the Director of Health and other incre… {view link}

»   "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller.

Standing ovation to our phenomenal team… {view link}

»   When we are homesick for Hong Kong, we get this mayonnaise out. Mayonnaise is not your traditional comfort-food, bu… {view link}

»   Despite the restrictions of the lockdown, we are pleased that we were able to distribute some home learning packs f… {view link}

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