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»   This patient needs urgent surgery. The bad news is that until our new hospital is built, our interim eye centre in… {view link}

»   Happy patient, himself a public health doctor, from the first day of the soft opening of our Interim Eye Centre! @… {view link}

»   Before and after surgery! Yes - it is the same lady just weeks apart! #newsightnewlife !! {view link}

»   Hello ?? from our brand new Interim Eye Centre! We will be providing eye services here while we wait for our own de… {view link}

»   ???????? Our Interim Eye Centre is celebrating our soft opening and welcomed our first 10 patients on the first day eve… {view link}

»   This Incredible family has totally aced their first mission trip to Ouesso. If we were to list all the things they… {view link}

»   More furniture needed. If you want it, make it! #ouessopioneers are so blessed to have these awesome makers and s… {view link}

»   The little #ouessopioneers just keep going! Big round of applause to them! Only a few more hours before our inter… {view link}

»   Daddy is making a rocket for the interim eye centre that is going to open in hours!!! @ Ouésso {view link}

»   Working under the strong equatorial sun to fill the dangerous holes, clearing and repairing the path to our interim… {view link}

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