Would you like to do something fun, and maybe even a bit crazy for our project?

Here are some ideas:

- Sponsored diet

- Hosting a 'Come dine with me' meal at your home

- Sponsored walk / run / bungee jump / rest!

- Placing a collection box in your work place / shop / local cafe / take-away

- Making something to sell e.g. cup cakes

- Sponsored car wash / baby sitting sessions

- Asking your friends / family / colleagues if they'd do the same!


If you would like to send some promotional leaflets out to your friends, family or other contact by email or by post, please let us konw.  You can also view them here.


We'd love to see photos of your fundraising activities!

Please take a look to see if you can help!


Please keep your eyes and ears open to how you or someone you know may be able to help or advice on anything that you think may be useful.  Here are some examples:

Shipping / Freight / Air travels

Solar panels / Generators

Water filters

- Anything related to eye clinic – Medicine, Eye and surgical equipment, Fabrics (Staff and patients), Furniture (Ward, Clinic, Operating theatre)

Internet / Communication

Home education for our children

Gardening! (We will need to grow our own fruit and veg.  The diet is very limited and one missionary’s hair would fall out unless she takes her vitamins)

- Bicycles with a cart in front for our children.  This will be our main mode of transport

Spread the word!  How about doing something fun for fundraising?  Would your church or interest group be interested in supporting us?  Do you know any businesses who would like to invest in charities like us?

We believe that this is a great project as the goals are clear, the actions are straightforward, and the results are very measurable, obvious and cost-effective.  It is a simple project with lasting results where donations will not be wasted on administration, but will be directly invested to completely transform the lives of those in desperate need

- It can get pretty isolated out there. Please write to us and better still, visit us when we are out there!   

Prayer Requests

1. Please pray for all the fundraising activities

2. Please pray for all the grant applications that we have submitted

3. Please pray for Henri as he operates in Gabon