Auction Dinner 10 Nov 2011

We had the most amazing Charity auction dinner on 10 Nov 2011 at Casa Mia Millenium, Leeds! 

We had the most wonderful evening celebrating the thousands of lives who are about to receive the ultimate make-over in Congo as their sight is restored and their lives are transformed!  We had Braille menus, blindfolds to get a taste of what it is like to be blind (you know the people who did try by the sauces down their flocks), glorious food whose taste was heightened by the removal of sight (just like some gourmet restaurants 'Dans le noir'), live entertainment with our own theme song 'By the rivers of Brazzaville' set to the music of 'By the rivers of Babylon', raffle draw which included a one-week holiday for 6 in an award winning cottage in Devon, and exciting auction of some very unique items such as 9 course Chef's table in a 2-Michelin-starrred restaurant in Italy where the winner is invited to a once in a lifetime opportunity to assist in the preparation of their own food inches away from the magical creator, personal tour of the Hepworth by the founding director, and Badminton masterclasses by Commonwealth medallist.  All this was topped off by some stunning fireworks sent by Leeds City Council to congratulate our great cause.  We guess the people from the Christmas lights switch on enjoyed them too! =)  We raised nearly £5000 which propelled us onto 2/3 of our target to raise £100 000 in the first year.  Having said that though, sight is priceless.  And support is priceless too!  Support empowers us to go and touches the hearts of the patients whose lives will be transformed.  So what we raised on the night was far beyond £5000 - you simply cannot put a figure to it.  It is priceless!  On the night, we also opened our online Priceless gift store.  It is a simple online gift list service, where instead of chocolates and CDs, you purchase gits for our eye charity to give to real people in Congo.  These gifts never sit on shelves.  They are always wanted, needed and make a real difference in people’s lives!

We sold all the auction items but the Leeds United T-shirt did not meet its reserve.  So you are in luck - we still have the very rare and extra special Leeds United T-shirt signed by everybody

(manager, the 3 coaches, and ALL the players)



Please contact us if you are interested in this item.


Photos of our amazing evening to following!  But for now, the BIGGEST thank you to all the incredible people who made it happen.  Especially we would like to thank,:


Mr. Simon Wallis and the Hepworth Gallery, Miss Joanne Quay, Mr. James Vincent and Forza, Mrs. Linda Adam, Mr Derek Munro, Derek Munro Tennis School, Monix and Lorna, Shrine Salon and Spa, Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa, Cookridge Hall Golf Club, Armadillo Toys, Avenue 2 Beauty, Craig and Rebel PinUp, Mr & Mrs Robin Cross, Beeson Farm Holiday Cottages, Ms. Leila Knox, Studio Lulu Fine Arts, Liona and David, Lion Learners, Ms. Sylvia Wong, Mr. Chris Thompson, North Leeds Fitness, Mr. Nino di Constanzo and the Il Mosaico restaurant, Edge Beyond a Gym, Mr. Vincent Fan, Nancy and Total Dance, Stix and Leeds United Football Club, Mr. James Hooten and Emmerdale Cast, Anthony and Harvesters Restaurant, Mario, Emma and Café Marinetti, Sainsbury’s Colton, Hopscotch, Amy and Kids Clubhouse Horsforth, Popdealer Warehouse (for donating the blindfolds), Mrs. Kathryn Revans (for the Braille menus), Eviepaedia,  the very talented Mr. Andy Cassels-Brown and the very Amazing Hoochi Coochi’s Band, Ms Siobhan MacMahon, Hope City Church Band, the incredible Mr. Lee Phelps, Miss Fabulous Charlotte Howarth, the wonderful Mr & Mrs Francesco Mazzella, the totally impressive Raffaele,  everyone at the mighty Casa Mia and of course YOU!  We cannot tell you how humbled we are!  We might be the ones going, but you are the ones sending us.  Could not have done any of this and cannot do any of what we are about to do without YOU!