What the rest of the Samoutou Family does


Whilst Henri will be busy working hard at establishing the eye centre, Joyce's principal duties will be homemaker and homeschooler for our 3 children, Cherissa (aged 5), Ezra (aged 2) and Karis(aged 9 months). Joyce is also the administrative arm of the eye centre. Family life permitting, she would also like to carry out some clinical teaching and out patient clinic work as a doctor. Her qualifications include BSc (Med Sci) (Hons) MBChB MRCGP DTMH DRCOG. Although she does speak French fluently, she is learning Lingala, the most popular dialect in Congo.  She is especially looking forward to getting to know the local children.  When she was in Gabon, she was the sole Sunday school teacher for 80 kids!


As for Cherissa, Ezra and Karis.

- They will be edcated at home and so Mummy will get an education too as she will have to learn all the things she was supposed to have learnt many years ago in school

- They (and more importantly Mummy!) will learn to grow vegetables and feed off the land

- They will learn to be creative with what they have and enjoy lots of fun and gigles

- They will love God, love people, love LIFE!

- They will continue to bring joy and laughter everywhere they go.

Their afro no doubt will also continue to grow.