Donating in the United Kingdom


You can make an ONE OFF gift or REGULAR gift

If you are a UK tax payer eligible for Gift Aid, please see the Gift Aid subsection and give through Gift Aid.

If you are not eligible to give under Gift Aid, please see the non-Gift Aid subsecton and give directly to us.


How does Gift Aid work?

In a nutshell, this is how it works

- We have an account with Stewardship, a charity who handles donations for us

- You make a gift to Stewardship with reference to our account 20089264 e.g. £100

Stewardship claims the tax back e.g. the £100 gift becomes £125

Stewardship charges 3% of total gift + tax and deducts it from the tax reclaimed (in our example £3.75) (Minimum charges £1 regular gift; £1 online one-off gift; £5 offline one-off gift)

- So, e.g. If you give £100, Stewardship sends us £121.25 about 2 weeks later

- There are tax benefits to higher rate tax payers




Thank you again for your support.