Priceless Gift Store

Ever found yourself saying the following:  ‘Please don’t buy me any gifts’ or ‘I just don’t know what to get him.’? 

The Priceless Gift Store is a simple online gift list service, where instead of chocolates and CDs, you purchase gits for our eye charity to give to real people in Congo.  These gifts never sit on shelves.  They are always wanted, needed and make a real difference in people’s lives.  

If you are looking to buy a gift for someone,

1. Choose from one of the gifts below 

2. Follow the steps to Pay via PayPal from anywhere in the world (If you are in the UK and you would like to donate through gift aid, please kindly do so through Stewardship and let us know so that we can email you a gift certificate)

3. You will receive a Gift Certificate via email that you can pass onto your loved ones.  It explains that you have purchased this gift to a charity in their honour

4. Someone in Congo will see and live a very different life as a result!


If you decide that you’d rather not get more socks or smellies for your birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any other celebrations,

1. Choose the Priceless Gift you’d prefer instead 

2. Let everyone know to buy a gift for you here instead


Please tell your friends about our Priceless Gift Store with this flyer!   Please click here



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Adult Cataract Operation
50.00 GBP

For someone blind from cataract, all that stands between blindness and sight is a simple operation. This straightforward but amazing gift gives the priceless gift of sight.


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Child Cataract Operation
80.00 GBP

Being blind is challenging but being blind in a developing country is even more challenging.  You can give the gift of sight to a child born with catarct with this life-changing operation.


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Drug dealers!
30.00 GBP

You can prevent a lifetime of blindness with medication such as antibiotics and glaucoma treatment.


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Now where are those Glasses?
16.00 GBP

Many of us can relate to how 'blind' we become when we can't find our glasses.  This gift provides eye tests and glasses for four people


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River blindness
20.00 GBP

Give Mectizan® tablets to help eliminate River Blindness (onchocerciasis) and freeing families from the associated debilitating symptoms.


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Training & Salary for Nurses
100.00 GBP

We simply cannot provide the care without nurses and supportive staff.  We would love to pay and reward them for their hard work.  We also need to provide specialist eye and surgical theatre training for them. 


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Vitamins are good for you!
10.00 GBP

Vitamin A capsules protect children against blindness, other common diseases like measles, and even death. This gift provides enough vitamins to protect 25 children for 6 months.


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